Sky Stars Cocktail Bar

"Hospitality is the ingredient that should never be missing." Guests at the Sky Stars Bar can discover the taste of true luxury when they order a drink from the Rooftop Bar, selected among the best 100 Italian Cocktail Bar. Serving a delicious range of cocktails, the mixologists at this rooftop bar works their craft under the beauty of the night sky. Look at the stars in all their glory as you look out from this stunning rooftop terrace, which provides views of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Here you can try the Asian-inspired A.Roma signature cocktail, which has been blended to perfection by our barteding specialists. Try the smoked and aged cocktails created by our Bar Manager or discover your favourite wines and whiskeys. Delight your guests or mix with other travelers and executives in this incredible rooftop venue.


Present at the ShowRUM – Italian Rum Festival and awardes as one of the best Rum Bar in Italy 2017, our important selection display more than 90 labels of this distillate.


For lovers of the "Water of Life", we are pleased to offer a wide range of renowned carefully selected whiskeys from all over the world.